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Minomech Technology
"Mind over Machine" 

Use Your PC for TTY

Your computer can make and receive TTY phone calls,
    with our PC-TTY kits.

The TTY signals used for "text-typing" over the phone are different from the signals a computer modem uses, which until now has meant you couldn't use your PC to talk with other TTY users.

Now, with a NexTalk VM kit (which includes a special modem) , you can use your own computer as a TTY phone.

For those who use alternative computer access methods--Morse Code, On-Screen Keyboard, or Switch Access, you can now contact many individuals, businesses, and government agencies directly from your PC without extra buttons to push or a handset to pick up!

For those who carry a laptop, this will eliminate the need to carry the extra bulk of a TTY device!

With the NexTalk-VM kit, your computer will become a whole communication center: connect to the internet, send and receive faxes, store contact information in the address book and of course use it as a TTY.

The kit is a combination of NexTalk-VM software and your choice of a special modem: USB, PCI (Internal for Desktop PC's) or External. All of which are available through Minomech Enterprises.

Click here to download a movie demo of NexTalk VM

The Details:

Simple Dialing and Answering
NexTalk-VM puts dialing and answering at your finger tips. You can answer a call in NexTalk-VM by simply pressing the ANSWER button. Using a compatible voice modem, NexTalk-VM will connect to any TTY or modem, and will even send your customized greeting to the caller as soon as the connection is made. With NexTalk-VM, you can make calls to both TTYs and high speed modems using the same modem you have for fax and internet connections. Visual and audible alerts inform you of incoming calls.

Built-in Answering Machine
NexTalk-VM's answering machine accepts TTY and standard modem calls unattended. It includes customizable greetings, paging support, and user-defined number of rings until answer. Messages can be viewed, saved, deleted or printed. Paging support allows TAP (telocator alphanumeric protocol) compatible pagers to receive your text messages.

Custom Phone Books
You can make calls directly from one of the multiple phone book categories you create, each of which can have an unlimited number of entries. Phone numbers can be organized into two types of calls:
  1. Regular direct-dialed TTY and modem calls.
  2. User pre-defined phone book entries for calls through relay services.
Conversation / Message Viewer
With NexTalk-VM, you can easily keep track of your conversations and messages by category. NexTalk-VM makes it easy to find, view, delete and print your conversations and answering machine messages. The Viewer will allow you to split conversations vertically or horizontally, show erased characters during a call, select screen colors, fonts and sizes, and unscramble TTY text. And, you can create the custom categories that work best for you.

Split-screen Chat Mode
NexTalk's unique vertical or horizontal split screen feature lets you converse more naturally. Designed to be more like face-to-face conversations, the split-screen options allow both parties of a 300 baud or higher connection to type at the same time. When you print your conversation, it comes out just the way it looks on your screen.

Paging Support
NexTalk's paging support feature lets you receive a page whenever the NexTalk answering machine receives a message. If your paging service is TAP compliant, you can have the text of your message forwarded to your pager.

NexTalk-VM features "auto-detection" of the type of call for both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Incoming calls: Automatically detects and connects to TTY's and standard modems. Supports connections speeds from 45.5 Baudot to the highest rated speed of your modem.
  • Outgoing calls: Detects and connects to TTY's and standard modems.
  • Compatible voice modems include internal, external and PCMCIA (portable PC card) type modems with connection speeds up to 56K.

Caller ID Support
You must subscribe to Caller ID through your local phone company. If you have Caller ID on your phone line, when a new call comes in NexTalk-VM will display the calling party's information on its ring alert form. It will also display this information at the top of an open conversation window.

Distinctive Ring Support
Distinctive Ring is another service you can purchase from your local phone company. If you want to share your phone line with other answering devices such as fax machines, answering machines or a second modem, you can subscribe to this service. It produces different ring patterns for two or more phone numbers assigned to the same phone line. NexTalk-VM can now be set to listen for a specific ring pattern and only answer calls that match that pattern. Your other answering devices must also support distinctive ring in order to share the line.

Remote Retrieval
Now, when you call in to your NexTalk-VM answering machine and provide an access code and password, you can view new and old messages and change your answering machine greeting message remotely.

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